The Rising

50 years ago the world underwent a caticlysm. A cult known as the Black Hand who were rumored to be worshippers of the insane lich Martoth opened a series of portals to the Shadowfell across the land. These portals led directly to the inner sanctum of Orcus and so uncounted hoards of undead poured through. They threatened to over run the land. The walls between the material plane and the Shadowfell began to weaken and the dead started to rise.

Cities burned entire kingdoms fell and the land saw carnage not witnessed since the year of blood. The once soveriegn kingdom of Galaris was forever sundered when its capital city was overrun, its noble wizard king consumed by the hoard. The kingdom of Sodan was completly destroyed and to this day its silent battlements shelter its now undead citzenry. The elven Islands faired better but at a price, they cut off all contact with the outside world and sought to isolate themselves permenantly cutting off many of thier settlements on the mainland. Many of the dwarves opted to collapse the entrances to thier great subterrenian keeps rather than risk a hoard of undead overrunning thier defenses many have yet to be reopened and the ultimate fate of many dwarven holds remain in question. A precious few however elected to fight alongside the forces of the surface races.

Just after the capital city of Galaris fell and the eatern kingdoms began to see hoards raging across thier borders when several of the portals to the Shadowfell inexplicably closed. Apparently an adventuring party had managed to attack the Black Hand’s headquarters and seize several of the relics they had been channeling thier rituals through. This party ended up being known as the Generals of Light as they began to rally the remaining forces of the civilized world.

There was still one portal open and the remaining undead were guarding it fiercly while it was reinforcing thier numbers. It was said that the demon prince Orcus himself was preparing to come through the portal and oversee the destruction of this world.

The Generals of Light began to marshall a massive and eclectic collection of armies to launch an assault on the final portal. They marshalled thier forces on the plains near cross roads. The armies included Elven archers, Eladrin Mages, several battallions of dwarves (including Silvershield Dwarves), humans, dragonborn, halflings and gnomes from the neighboring towns and city states, the entirity of the Chith Militia who would later come to be known as the Knights of Nerath, a large detachment of forces from the eastern kingdoms led by Al’kzaad himself, the pirate armies of Naramoor and a massive hoard of orcish barbarians led by the savage orc warboss Grimtooth. How the generals managed to win the allegences of such a diverse group of races and armies is one of the great mysteries of the age.

The Battle ended up being apocalpytic in scope. Though the portal was closed the victory tasted like ashes to the survivors. Out of the 200 000 warriors who assaulted the valley less than a thousand emerged. Many of the organizations involved never fully recovered and the allegencies quickly disintigrated.

As for the Generals of Light they have not been seen or heard from since the great battle and it is unknown if they even survived. To this a warrior who suvived the great battle is both revered and feared by thier friends and enemies. For it is said that they knew death and that death did not want them.

The Rising

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