The old dynasty

Galaris was originally part the Nerath Empire, arguably one of the most powerful nations to have ever existed.

Founded in 1877 (New Calander) the Nerath Empire Covered most of the continent up until 250 hundred years ago. When the King Bramien was brutally murdered by his insane brother, Martoth. His brother then led the kingdom to ruin. Under his mad riegn countless innocents were slaughtered. By the time an organized resistance could depose him the kingdom was already in ruins. Nerath never really recovered from the chaos that was wrought in what came to be known as the year of blood and dissolved into city states.

The king’s brother Martoth was said to be aspiring to lichdom and needed to was offering the kingdom itself as sacrifice to that end. His body was never found and many fear he achieved his dark designs.

The Nerath Empire itself was remembered fondly for its noble knights and mighty armies that kept the roaming hoards of orcs at bay. It was said at one point the Nerath possesed the drive an determination to conquor the underdark and put an end to the threat of the subterrianian races once and for all.

The old dynasty

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