52 years ago Grimtooth was the most savage and feared orc warboss in all of Galaris. He was known as the terror of the deathless peaks and was wanted by virtually every settlement in the entire Nethintir Vale. He commanded a massive hoard of orcs which he would occasionally lead out of the mountains on a massive crusade of pillaging and murder across the plains in both the Sodan and Galaris. It was said that to gather more troops he would wonder into orc camps and settlements find the local warboass and challenge him to single combat. Grimtooth never lost once. It was said that his thirst for glory and battle could never be satiated.

We gunna have ourselves a propar Warrrhgggg boyz!!

By unknown means he came to know the Generals of Light and came to swear allegience to them. His allegience meant that every orc would now follow the generals in their fight against the undead hoards. Grimtooth was said to have united almost all the orks in the land to the cause.

After the Final Battle Grimtooth emerged from the valley covered in blood and carnage with a look of horror stretched across his face, he was reportedly the only ork survivor. He returned to the rally point in cross roads where he was met by the then young Cornellius Becker to whom he said, “I don’t wanna fight no more” he then dropped his bloody on the ground weapons and began to slowly walk away, he was never seen again or heard from again.


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