Col Fen

Col Fen is a midsized village located on the edge of darkwood forest. It has no unlike many villages it has no defensive walls indicating it was built after the end of the rising as most settlements without walls did not survive those turbulent times. The village was founded some 40 years ago by the ancestors of its present Head Mistress Mara Kres. The village is home to an entirely human population that devoutly worships the Raven queen as many did in the time after the rising. Unfortunatly this leaves the villagers superstitious and somewhat hostile towards outsiders. Thier beleifs often drive them to route out natural spell casters such as sorccers and burn them as hertics for fear of thier power becoming uncontrollably necromantic. Many travelers avoid Col Fen if possible for fear of accidently inciting the fervent religous rage of its towns people.

Unfortunatly for the people who live there and quite ironically if one thinks about it. The town was originaly built over the ruined remains of a temple of orcus. This was not immediatly apparent until the founders discovered the ancient graveyard some distance outside of the town. Not wanting to take any chances they used thier clerics to magically seal the ancient mosuleums so that nothing could possibly escape. What they did not know is that one of the mosoleums contained a follower of Orcus who buried himself with an Onyx skull of no small power hoping that it would one day cause him to rise in enternal service of his foul god.

40 years later the magical runes that sealed the mosuleums began to fade and the once contained power of the onyx skull was released all at once acting like a beacon. Nearby undead were drawn to it and in turn began to sacrifice towns poeple to further increase the power of the skull and cause more dead to rise. That is until a young upstart group of adventurers interevened and smashed the skull once and for all.

Unfortunatly the superstitious townsfolk upon learning that anyone touched such a tainted relic summarily judged the entire party as heretics and banished them from the village on pain of righteous burning.

Lodging: The Dancing Badger. An ironically cheerful name for a dreary backwater in and tap house. The ale is simple barely of poor taste and few if any spirits are availble. The accomadation is adequate for the occasional trader who travels through the town to carefuly peddle his wares without offending the local citizenry.

Col Fen

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