The city of Chith is an ancient one. It is now the defacto capital of the what was once Galaris. Much of Chith was burned during the rising but its inner walls protected the center of the city which still stands in all its former glory. Its high walls have never been breached and has protected its citizens from undead, raging orks and even the odd dragon.

The city itself is a hub for traders and a shining beacon of civilization. As such the city has little tolerance for adventurers causing trouble in the city or in the surrounding countryside. Anywhere within a day’s travel is considered to be part of the city’s soveriegn territory. The city keeps close tabs on those who travel within it and the surrounding countryside, bearing arms; with no higher purpose than to seek adventure. As such all adventurering troupes in the area must possess a Royal Charter of Chith or risk being set upon and disarmed by the Knights of Nerath. Charters can be obtained from the Lord Marshall in castle Crag and bear an annual renewal fee of 25gp. These do not always guarantee immunity as they can be easily forged or revoked. Hand-lettered Gold foiled charters personally signed by the ruler of Chith himself can be purchased from the royal court in Castle High Horn for 1000gp with an annual cost of 300gp. These charters are beyond reproach and even the Knights of Nerath think twice about interefering with those who hold them.

The city guard is known as the Knights of Nerath. These well trained guardsmen are rightly feared by both criminals and would be attackers. The Knights pride themselves on upholding the values of the once proud Nerath Empire and thus conduct themselves with the highest standards of Honor, Chivilary and Discipline.

The city is ruled by king Septimus Claudius III. He is generally thought of as a fair and just ruler who will do anything to see to the safety and prosperity of his people. The king’s power is held in check by the Royal Court that is made up of nobles from the various powerful houses of Chith. The Royal Court has always had a reputation of being somewhat ruthless as its nobles all look for ways to secure more power and the king’s favor.

The Center of the city holds the grand opera house and museum. This large structure is considered by many to be the culural mecaa for the entire Nethintir Vale if not all of Galaris. Musicians will come from far away lands to play in this hall, collectors and scholars come from every race and region come to browse or contribute to the antiquities.

Location Description

1. The High outer walls

These walls are 30 feet high and 15 feet across. They have open pallisades on the top corridors with arrow slits running below. They are always sparsley manned by members of the Knights of Nerath and in times of attack can be fully manned to form an almost impenterable defense of archers and pikemen.

2. City Gates

Each gate is similar in that they all have massive stone doors that be closed from gate houses located inside the walls of the pallisades. They are also always guarded by members of the Knights of Nerath who reserve the right to stop and inspect anyone who is entering or leaving the city.

3. Castle High Horn

Home to the Royals, the Royal Court and the elite Royal Guard. It is here that the king and his court rule Chith and its surrounding lands. High level business and trails take place here from time to time. The castle courtyard and lower levels are open for business four days a week from an hour after sunrise to an hour before sunset. Adventuring charters may be purchased here.

4. Forge district

It is here where the bulk of Chith’s industrial production takes place. The many materials imported from the surrounding territories are brought here to be turned into consumer goods, fine linens, weapons, reagents and armor. Many of these goods are then sold at the great markets or sent in trade caravans to Naramoor. This area employs many of the city’s lower and middle class workers.

5. The Foreign Quarter

Though the elven nations cut off contact 50 years ago many were left on the main land. Those that were left behind tended to form thier own small communities. This area of the city is home to just such a community. On the blessings of the king in payment for some unkown debt a large community of elves is allowed to live somewhat autonomously within the city. Their ambassador even has a permenant place in the royal court. Many of Chith’s people begrudge this community as they see its long standing arragement as unfair.

6. The Nobles Hollow

This area of the city is where the rich and powerful families of Chith have thier mansions. An entire detachment of the Knights of Nerath guard the area to keep the commoners away from Chith’s elite Royal court members and thier estates.

7. The Gardens

Throughout the city there are gardens that the Rulers of Chith planted to throughout the city in order to raise the moral of the people, they also serve a secondary purpose to provide a source of rare herbs for the Mages that serve the court and the knights.

9. The Lord’s Quarter

Despite its grandious title the Lord’s quarter is the district of the city that houses the merchants, craftsmen, artisians and soldiers. It is an upper middle class area that boasts fine inns and taverns. The Knights of Nerath maintain a strong presence here but it is largely unneccessary and is more to make the residents feel safe than protect them from any real danger.

10. Castle Crag

Home and training grounds for the Knights of Nerath. It is here that the city guard trains, recruits and maintains a barraks. It is also here that low level trails, executions and incarcerations occur. The knights also maintain a sizable armory and siege supplies so that in dire times the city’s entire population may be armed to repel invaders. There are also vast stores of supplies and dry goods stored beneath the castle so that in case of seige the city may hold out for months. The castle also contains a sizable jail for holding prisoners. The Lord Marshall, commander of the Knights of Nerath; resides here as well. His offices are open during the day time and it is here that Royal Charters of Chith may be purchased.

11. Mages Guild towers and Arcane College

The mages guild operates under royal charter to train those with magical talents, both thier own benefit and so that may serve in the Knights of Nerath. While the Mages guild does provide battle mage recruits for the guard they are also free to persue there own agenda under thier charter. As a result the Royal Court does not fully trust the mysterious high ranking members of the guild.

12. The Markets

These are the grand market places that operate throughout the day, almost anything can be bought in these markets. Merchants from all over Galaris come to trade at these markets. They are the economic lifeblood of the city.

16. Temple District

This area of the city contains many temples, some are grand monuments to thier gods, where as others are but singular shrines or small Chapels. Its is here that the city’s preisthood toils about and holds services for thier various flocks.

17. The Tenemants

This area contains the housing for most of the cities lower and middle class workers and craftsmen. The Inns and taverns in this area are well kept but spartan. The people are for the most part friendly.

18. The Slums

This is the poorer quarter of Chith, the buildings here are small and rundown. The Inns and taverns are dark, dirty and cheap. It is also home to the thieves guild. The Knights of Nertath rarely patrol this area. Some say they lack the will or man power to fully control this area. Others say that a back room deal between the Royal Court and the Thieves Guild stays the Lord Marshall’s hand and allows the thieves to act autonomously under thier own charter. Travelers in this area of the city are told to mind there purse strings and it is not recommended to be traveling alone at night.


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